Boston University has opened a residential hall for women in STEM. It's an outgrowth of another STEM program a nd is getting results. The school has seen a significant rise in the number of women in the fields

After working on peace and other big issues, former President Jimmy Carter has now taken up the cause of women. He has published a new book, "A Call to Action," which might be called in Internet speak, a listicle, that shows 23 ways to change things. Buying the book might be the first.

Nobody wants to think about cancer check ups, so in trying to encourage us to do the preventive care necessary to postpone death, cancer PSAs are getting funnier and funnier. This video probably lasts longer than a pap smear, but at least you will be smiling for the whole three minutes.

Schools are getting seriously healthy. From now on, those places of learning will not be able to sell junk food to kids says the USDA. This push is the first time in 30 years that there has been any grown-up oversight into kids' school time nutrition.

Last week's Supreme Court Ruling McCuthcheon vs. FEC removed spending limits from political contributions. How will this affect the composition of Congress--will women and minorities have a harder time getting elected?

The fledging toy company GoldieBlox spreads the message about girls and STEM through their amazing viral commercials. Their latest video offering shows us what happens to a girl's brain when exposed to princesses - or engineering. Guess which wins?

It's national volunteering week--and time to acknowledge all the Americans who pitch in. It turns out even more people than ever before are helping out and tech has actually grown the trend--as well as create entirely new ways of volunteering. You can help in your pjs.