Advertising to women

There is so much badvertising directed at women. Comedians have mocked it, journalists have mocked it and now even a company itself is making fun at the ridiculous ways other companies try to sell to female consumers.

Playtex Fresh + Sexy wipes have just come out with a terrible advertising campaign for a terrible product. It's hard to know which does more harm, the chemicals and waste of paper, or the body shaming. Now there's no gender gap for personal care products.

Advertising pros Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk are the revolutionaries behind the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. The 75 second video Dove "Evolution" of a sped-up photo shoot of a model being made-up and retouched. It's been viewed on YouTube over 15 million times. “We never thought it would change the industry,” says Vonk. Kestin adds, “It was part of a landmark campaign that will not lose its station anytime soon.”