Help the Next Generation of Leaders: Campbell's Top 5 Finalists


No one ever slows Rhonesha Byng's agenda.  At only 24, her website Her Agenda was named among Forbes' top 100 websites for women.

(Her Agenda is also a VITAMIN W content partner.) Help Byng win the opportunity to take Her Agenda to the next level.

As one of the top five finalists in Campbell's search for the next generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs in the areas of food, innovation and social entrepreneurship, Byng makes a case for why she should be the newest member of The Camp Campbell Team.

Byng started Her Agenda as a resource for ambitious millennial women. And people are noticing. Her website has also been named among the top ten for websites for millennial women.

Byng points out that:

"Among Fortune 500 CEO’s, just 23 of them are women. The barriers to success for women are high, we already know this. Rather than a constant reminder of this sad fact, we want to focus on what the solution is, and how we can help change the statistics.Out of the 21 CEO’s who are women, two of them happen to be sisters. Denise Morrison, the CEO of Campbell’s and Maggie Wilderotter the CEO of Frontier Communications."

Byng is already an influential next generation leader in her own right, but winning a mentorship session with the CEO of Campbell’s is a pretty big deal.

Meet all the finalists and vote by Dec. 22 11:59 P.M. EST.  Besides supporting smart young women, there's another incentive to vote--you might win some money. But you don't care about that, do you?!