Best Beauty Companies for Women: Employees

VITAMIN W has completed a study on the beauty sector which is presented in three parts. Please also see "Best Beauty Companies for Women: Leadership," and "Best Beauty Companies for Women: Employees." This work is part of a larger research project analyzing how companies serve women as consumers, leaders, and employees. The full methodology and results of the study will be available later this summer. Sign up to get the info first.

By Anna Louie Sussman

Working at a beauty company undoubtedly has its perks, such as free makeup or shampoo, but treating female employees well takes more than a cosmetic effort. Several companies stand out for their efforts to create a more inclusive workforce, offering access to childcare, on-ramping for recent mothers who have taken time off, and flextime.

Avon and Johnson & Johnson stand out. Avon’s Phase Back to Work program helps transition new moms back to the workplace, and the company offers paid time off for adoptive parents, as well as a $10,000 adoption reimbursement. Johnson & Johnson provides discounted tutoring for employees’ children, access to childcare resources, and encourages the use of flextime and telecommuting. Both companies devote resources to diversity, above and beyond requiring employee and supplier diversity reporting: Avon through company-wide affinity groups for minorities, and J&J through "Diversity University," an online program. L’Oreal’s maternity leave policy is so generous, it’s practically European: 84 days of paid leave for mothers and 11 days for new dads. Shiseido, by contrast, offers just two weeks for both moms and dads.

Not surprisingly, Avon and J&J have the first- and third-highest percentages of female managers, respectively. When companies make a concerted effort to keep women in the pipeline, the results show up at the top. Read more on leadership in the beauty industry, and how beauty companies treat consumers.

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Research by: Megan Black, Kimi Kellen, Padmini Parthasarathy, Elizabeth Stanton

Image: Andres Hernandez CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons