Black Friday Deal: Consider Alternatives to Shopping


Black Friday is starting to get a black mark. According to a survey by VISA, 49 percent of Americans dislike the commercialization around Thanksgiving and don’t plan to shop during thanksweek—even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Only 37 percent are planning to open their wallets Friday while still in digestion mode.

There are ways to counter Black Friday. If you have the day off, you can stay home and wash the Thanksgiving feast dishes. Here are a few--one comes with a Bacon gfit tag: 

Celebrate Your Possessions—If you own Patagonia wear, you can give thanks for the long-lasting stuff.  More than a dozen stores are having events on Friday, with a repair clinic, limited edition beer and food during "Worn Wear" festivities. There’s also a film showcasing a few customers and their Patagonia wear—such as 20-year-old board shorts repaired with beach umbrella .  (It’s unclear if the cash registers will be closed for business or if employees are being made to work)

Wear Plaid—The city of Oakland California started Plaid Friday.  People are asked to wear plaid (for an unknown reason) and patronize local and independent stores.  The day sounds like Small Business Saturday, with added lumberjack fall fashion.

Strike or Tweet  There will be protests at Walmarts across the country. #WalmartStrikers are speaking out against exploitative wages and illegal firings. (You could also be mad about ever-increasing incursions into workers’ holiday by opening early Thanksgiving weekend.)  If you want to stay home, you can stil show solidarity by tweeting with the hashtag #BlackFriday.

Buy nothing day – Adbusters has recently renamed the event OccupyXmas in a reference to the Occupy Movement. Created back in the early 90s by a Canadian journalist, Buy nothing day is a total refusal of consumer culture.  You are challenged to spend absolutely nothing. Now the day is morphing into #OccupyXmas.

Shop For Good 

If you spend how Kevin Bacon wants you to, you'll get a gift tag from the star. The organization Six Degrees (inspired by the Bacon game) has created a way to spend and give called Shift your shopping. Many local and online businesses across the country have agreed to give a percentage of your shopping spend to a charity you choose.  The program starts on Saturday the 30th and continues through til Giving Tuesday.  There's a searchable list of 200 participating busineseses and charities. 


Bacon will tell you all about it in this video.

Photo: Joe Zito via Creative Commons/Flickr