Ditch the 'Old Maid' and Win With these 'Bold Maids'


Positivity does sell. Just ask artist Jane Burns. In April she launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 to launch her  BOLD MAID  card game for kids. It's a redesign of the traditional game, Old Maid. People loved the idea and Burns raised $11,642. Now that's a win!
The cards are now on sale. Burns lives in Bellingham, Wash., and has been a fine artist and illustrator for 30 years. And she's challenging stereotypes about women, aging and people with disabilities.
Here's why Old Maid needed a 21st century update:  In the matching card game, if a player gets Old Maid card, they lose the game. The old maid never has a match. That sucks.
But this video doesn't.

Burns chipped away at the negative connotations concerning single women.

In her version, the one who ends up with the Bold Maid is the winner. Why? Because the Bold Maid are inspired by real people. Here are just a few.