Buy-Up These Companies—and Bypass Those

By Padmini Parthasarathy

Companies are behaving badly these days—or at least toward women. Hobby Lobby and Eden Soy won't pay for healthcare with a side of birthcontrol. Tindr swiped left for its own female co-founder. And American Apparel founder just continues to shock us all.

Corporations are considered people now, thanks for the Supreme Court, and have a lot of power.   

However, we as consumers have power too—the power of the purse. So why not buy up companies that support women, and bypass those that don't.  After all, who do you want to get your hard-earned dollars?

Here's a start.  


Brit + Co makes it easy for people to DIY. The site offers kits and supplies and patterns as well as beautiful inspiration. Founder Brit Morin says, "Our community of makers (the 'Co' in Brit + Co) may range from amateur to pro, but we all carry the same human DNA to build and create. We hope to be a place where each one of these people—yes, that includes you—can creatively thrive in your own way." Plus they ship, so you don't have to even go to a mall. 


This huge craft store chain just made big news. The 5-4 Supreme Court decision ruled that "closely held" companies can be exempted from providing health insurance that covers birth control if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. So women’s healthcare goes out the window.


Very few dating websites are owned and operated by women. Coffee Meets Bagel was founded by the Kang sisters, three young urban professionals who wanted to create an easy way to connect with quality people.

Here's what they have to say: "To make this easy and fun, we decided to deliver to our members one match ('Bagel') every day at NOON. Members simply choose to LIKE or PASS their Bagels. We wanted to create something for you to look forward to every day, something that adds excitement to spice up your lunch break."


Co-founded by three women, The Dating Ring is an online matchmaking service that connects busy professionals. So far you can only date in NYC or San Francisco.  Check them out!


Tindr co-founder Whitney Wolfe has filed a sexual harassment and discrimination suit against CMO Justin Mateen. Not only that, she'd been de-throned as a co-founder—and portrayed as "marketing girl." When Wolfe complained to CEO Sean Rad about the repeated harassment, he dismissed her as "whiny." She finally offered to resign after Mateen called her a "whore" at a company event. According to the formal complaint, Rad "snidely rejected the offer and fired her." We cannot condone or support a company that disrespects its female founders. 


Zady Co-founders Maxine Bedat and Soraya Darabi (above) follow the same made-in-America, quality construction trend that American Apparel does, but without the scandal. Check out their cute basics. The prices may be higher than the LA brand, but the clothes are sustainable and harassment free!


Former CEO and constant toad Dov Charney has recently been released from his duties allegedly for repeated accusations of sexual harassment and general idiocy. Moreover, the company's hiring and firing practices are allegedly based on attractiveness. They put out ads that routinely objectify women, and their models are often underage and highly sexualized. 


Images: Shoppers, Cards  Hobby Lobby, DIY Zipper Headband, TindrBagel, Zady, American Apparel