Chevy Commercial Stars a Powerful Cowgirl

Finally, a commercial you don’t have to hate. Chevrolet just released a truck ad that isn’t cringe-worthy.  It might actually make you happy for a moment, if you like trucks or horses. (If you were a horsey kind of girl, you might daydream for a moment about your pony at camp and that yummy way he breathed into your face.) This Chevy spot actually passes the Buchanan Test for stereotypes: the woman is not portrayed as a mother, is not portrayed in the home, and she is not doing yoga. Indeed, she practices a pretty dangerous sport that could result in a broken neck.  Sure there are stil stereotypes in the ad--but they're of a happier kind. 

What’s more this barrel racer is actually the main character—and the supporting role is played by a horse. Not my little pony, mind you, but a big beast, as the narrator says--1200 pounds of power underneath her and doing her bidding. This cowgirl is especially tough since she not only drives a 355 horsepower vehicle, but has the cojones to tow a trailer.  The equestrian is not objectified or sexualized--you barely see her without her tough-looking shades. What's really surprising is that women do actually buy a lot of trucks--45% of light trucks and SUVs according to Branderati.

Forget, the Knight riding in a a horse--there's no man here. Only the male narrator who talks about two bodies are brought together in one mind--a line which calls to mind the romantic/erotic relationship between girls and horses. Indeed, recent research investigating the bond between women and their horses say the relationship "appears to surpass the power of human to human relationships in stabilizing life". If there is actually an end of men, maybe horses are the replacement?