How to Create a Million Jobs? Buy American

by Dalila Johari Paul
Consumers can reverse the flow of jobs by buying a larger share of American-made products.
So says Alex and Ana Bogusky, who recently launched the Million American Jobs Project.. It launched with a video that combines animation with a basic economics/history lesson. The nearly 4-minute video, tracks how the U.S. lost its competitive edge and fell into the Great Recession.
An advertising veteran and former boy-wonder Alex Bogusky, is now he's selling the benefits of buying on the home turf.
Apparently, if we shift our buying habits by 5 percent, we will create a million new jobs. There are some nice lines in the video ("They call it outsourcing, which is a fancy word for 'You're fired' "), but it's a bit long. Fortunately, there's a short list of some American manufacturers to buy from over at  Ana Bogusky does her part by wearing American, and blogs about it how to look good while made in America.
Are we supposed to always buy American, buy 5 percent more for American, buy just one thing that's American, or share the video with two friends? The answer is all of those things.

Photo: Fotolia