Curvy Fashionistas, This Mobile Boutique Caters to You


Ladies in search of that perfect size 16 dress, your chariot awaits.

Donna Hundley - mother, student, and full-time employee - knows the struggles women face fitting shopping into their busy schedules, let alone fitting into certain clothes. Instead of complaining, she created Curvy Chix Chariot, a fashion truck that comes to you.

Finding fashionable plus-size clothing can be an unnerving shopping experience. The mobile boutique started after Hundley left a store thinking enough was enough. "It seemed like everything I picked up was shapeless and black or grey! It was horrible," the website states.

The chic clothing she offers fits sizes 14-24.

"With my experience in retail sales, people and project management, and marketing, I made the decision to take my experience and build a business that will meet the needs of women like me," Hundley said in a press statement.

Based out of Washington D.C., Hundley’s truck partners with local businesses, organizations, and special events in the area, making sure her truck is truly a part of the community and expanding plus-size clothing to more people. 

"We work closely with local and global plus-size designers to provide unique designs that will complement our clients," Hundley said. "In addition to the trendy plus-size clothing, we offer accessories, handbags, jewelry, and much more. Customers get to shop a unique local boutique and score fabulous new items."

And what’s one of the best parts? Eager customers can book the mobile boutique to come to any location to throw a Curvy Diva Divine Party with all the necessities already on the truck.

Now that’s customer service.