Dove Campaign At It Again: Ad Exposes 'Camera Shy' Women

Dove seems to have found the right formula to sell to women: We see your beauty, now buy our bodywash. The Unilever brand has followed up its successful "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign with another video. The message again: too many women and girls tend to be uncomfortable about their looks.

The 60-second ad, set to the soundtrack of "Peek-A-Boo" by Rose Murphy, shows various women and girls avoiding the camera. It asks the question: “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?”

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was launched in 2004 after research indicated that only 4 percent of women consider themselves beautiful. And in 2006, they stepped it up with these viral videos. Jackpot. Dove has been making ads ever since while pushing products and trying to boost your confidence. While the campaign has gotten alot of praise, not everyone is fan.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek

The campaign was initially hugely successful, by some accounts driving up sales for Dove’s products anywhere from 6 percent to 20 percent in just one year, resulting in estimated profits of more than $500 million.

Yet, a Dove rep wouldn’t comment on the current sales.

Watch the ad: