Free People Proving "Real" Models Are Good for Sales

By Vitamin W Staff

Rich Hippie-inspired clothing brand Free People is looking for models that look just like you. Well, maybe.
Fashionista reports that the Bohemian chic clothing company has launched a special new section on its site “FP Me,” where you can browse a curated selection of the most popular FP Me images, which will replace typical model shots for two weeks.
Last year, the company launched FPMe, an online community where customers can upload shoppable photos of themselves in their Free People outfits. Additionally, online items are often accompanied by photos of customers wearing them. According to Fashionista:
Data from the past year has shown a 42 percent improvement in the same session conversion rate (i.e. someone buys something) on when FP Me Pics are associated with product on the page.
Apparently real people do sell!!
If you are frugal, the clothes may not be for you. But if you have $68 to spend on a T-shirt and $168 for a peasant top, let's hear it for real people showing off overpriced clothes. 
Photos: Instagram