Global Initiative Gets Women Not Just Working, but Thriving

Economically empowered women improve work place performance. By 2023 one billion women will enter workforce, yet most will have insecure jobs.

So says the The Knowledge Gateway managed by a UN Women staff in New York and in Bangkok, Cairo, Dakar, Istanbul, Nairobi and Panama. Their mission: "to offer a user-friendly, demand-driven one-stop service community where you can find and share resources and tools for women’s economic empowerment and connect with experts, peers, networks and potential partners. 

In the U.S. women are a growing share of our workforce, our entrepreneurs, and our innovators.  An increasing number of women are breadwinners for their families. As the majority of college graduates and nearly 50 percent of the workforce, women are in a position to drive our 21st century economy. Women face a number of longer-term challenges such as the wage gap and female underrepresentation in higher levels of management. 
But what about other women around the world?
Watch the video.

Photo: UNDP in Europe and Central Asia via Creative Commons/Flickr  (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)