Think About the Global Neighbor Who Made That Shirt You Love

By Marc van Gurp  

What we buy, how we live and how we connect with others - our daily behavior has an impact on the living conditions in poor countries. The new annual campaign from the German nonprofit, Caritas, highlights these global relationships. Through beautiful animation and stop-motion linked with real actors, the problem of global neighborhood is discussed in a playful way to raise awareness and to promote more individual responsibility.
The problem seems complex, but agency BBDO has been able to explain it a simple and clear way. Scenes from a western suburb are connected with scenes from districts in poor countries. Distance being closer than you think, is shown with four examples in 60 seconds.
Agency BBDO Proximity Dusseldorf worked together with Austrian Designer Isi Wimmer, stop-motion animation expert Jim Lacy, and cinematographer Michael Mieke .
The 60-second spot had its premiere last Thursday, and will be aired starting February 18.
See the making-of after the break.

Making-of (partly in German):

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