You Can Fix Bad Superbowl Ads--with Good Ads for a Good Toy Company

by VITAMIN W Staff

Superbowl commercials are some of the most watched ads of the year. Unfortunately, sometimes the ads are so sexist and offensive, they inspired the hashtag #notbuyingit.
Few pass the Buchanan test for stereotypes--meaning they show women as moms, in the home, or doing yoga.
Here's a chance to change all that--so we can see some good ads for a great company.
Goldieblox,which makes innovative engineering-based toys designed to appeal to girls, has entered a competition to win a Superbowl commercial sponsored by Intuit. The winner gets a 30 second spot during the third quarter of the Superbowl, which would be seen by 100 million people. Goldieblox already has beat out nearly 15,000 other companies who entered. Now it's down to four.
To win the commercial,Goldieblox needs you to vote daily.  Send this story to your friends so we can change the conversation on Superbowl Sunday.
Wouldn't you like to talk about girls and STEM?