Hello Flo is Bloody Brilliant at Selling New Service for Girls

Hello Flo is company that helps you out during tough times--your period--as we wrote about in March. Sign up to this subscription service and you''ll get a box of tampons and pads.  This innovative new outfit has come up with a second product--a starter kit for girls. Hello Flo makes menarche a bit more fun by adding candy to the delivered box.  Woo hoo. 

What's more, this company led by entrepreneur Naama Bloom, has found a totally new way to introduce their newest product based on a girls first period--not with pink, or flowery language, but with gut-busting humor. The video has gone viral and crashed the site in a white pants kind of way.  After years of watching blue liquids being poured onto sanitary pads, or women leaping into the air, this light sales pitch is a welcome change. 

Take a trip to Camp Gyno--and see this great kid who wears the  "Red Badge of Courage".  You'll wish your introduction to the world of reproduction could have been so good.