Mad Woman: Evolution of Peggy Olsen

Peggy Olsen is like a Patron Saint for women in the advertising business. Fans have happily watched her grow into her career over the years--complete with narrative bumps.

To mark this week's 3 Percent Conference, which focuses on the lack of women creatives in advertising, it seems a great moment to pay homage to Olsen and the real women in the business.

If you missed the evolution of Olsen's rise, master Remixologist Elisa Kreisinger, of Pop Culture Pirate, has created this brilliant video.

But Olsen was not the first "Mad Woman."

Historically, marketers used to understand the power of having women speaking to other women.  

A  story from The Radcliffe Center reveals a newspaper headline from 1912 that trumpeted, "Women Advertising Managers Now Entrusted With the Spending of Twenty Million Dollars a Year."  

Around the same time, the JWT Agency, co-run by pioneer Helen Landsdowne Resor, "staffed an entire department with women copywriters to work on women's accounts. By 1918, that department accounted for more than half the agency's billings."

That's a long way from 3%. Well see if today's industry continues to open up to diverse creative teams.