Oakley Running Ad Campaign to Attract More Women

Sunglasses company Oakley is no longer throwing shade to women with the release of a women's apparel line.

It's latest ad campaign is tackling what it says is a huge problem in activewear: women wearing their spandex yoga pants to brunch and sipping mimosas.

To compete with women-focused workout apparel brands like  Lululemon, Oakley is using the marketing campaign to launch its own line of women's athletic apparel.

To gain more female customers, the brand launched its “Made For More” advertising campaign, which focuses on the distinction between workout and leisure clothing. This latest campaign is part of the brand's long-term effort to boost its women's business. Only 10 percent of Oakley's customers are women.

Oakley has also improved its designs, placed more women in leadership roles and started an education program dubbed “Female Speak” in stores.

The campaign includes phrases like, “This is for running, not running errands,” and “for exercising, not socializing.” 

According to Advertising Age, There's even a contract that Oakley is asking women to sign, which states in part, “It's not carpool-chic. It's not grocery-store casual. It was made for more than that.” Women are then asked to fill in the blanks, stating what they will and won't use their new gear for. To date more than 1,600 women have signed the document, and the brand is expecting 5,000 more signatures in the coming weeks, given its sponsorship of the New York Road Runners New York Mini 10K.

Oakley also released YouTube videos poking fun at the trend. This video shows a woman wearing exercise clothing as she orders a coffee drink.