Promoting Women and Diversity in Business--with $2 Million Gift

by VITAMIN W Staff 

Diversity helps the bottom line in business.  We've heard it again and again.  Despite that fact, the needle has not moved that much for women and minorities.  Now a bit of study might help.  A businessman has just  endowed a professorship in leadership studies for women and diversity according to Philanthropy News. 

John Montalbano, who is the CEO of RBC Global Asset Management has given $2 million for a Professorship to the University of British Columbia's School of Business.   In a statement he said,  “Despite all the best intentions by the world’s leading organizations, women and minorities are still not finding their way to leadership roles in acceptable numbers."  It's time to fix it.

Montalbano is the son of a janitor and restaurant worker who cites his mother's influence in helping those with less. He says he is looking forward to seeing the impact his namesake professorship will have on students and future leaders when it comes to championing diversity in business.

In addition to the professorship, the university's Sauder School of Business hopes to create $500,000 for program scholarships dedicated to the advancement of women in senior positions; $200,000 for Ph.D. research in the area of leadership for women and underserved groups; and $200,000 to fund outreach and engagement initiatives. 

The job is open to anyone who wants to get involved in new research on leadership, develop curriculum and do outreach around the world. 

An international search is under way for a new faculty member to fill the professorship; and will it be a white guy??


Image: Penn State News via flickr.