Don't Worry Sinead, Ms. Miley is Her Own Boss

By Dalila-Johari Paul

Say what you will, but at 20, Miley Cyrus is a money-making genius. Call it swag, exploitation, whatever, she's still popping Molly and laughing at us all. And don't get it twisted, she's running her own show.

She's managed to piss off many women, some black people, parents who just can't let go of Hannah Montana, and now Sinead O'Connor. All while raking in $79 million in free publicity for her empire.

We're not condoning Ms. Miley's behavior, but the more people criticize, the more she'll stick out her tongue and twerk. The controversy doesn't seem to be be slowing down her career.

But what's a year without beef between two performers. Here's the short story: O'Connor started the feud when she wrote an open letter to Cyrus saying, "You have enough talent that you don't need to let the music business make a prostitute of you."

Oh no she didn't, those were fighting words to Cyrus. Miley responded on Twitter and compared O'Connor to Amanda Bynes.

The " Nothing Compares To You" singer then blasted with another open letter on Facebook on Oct. 4.

On Oct. 3, fellow singer Amanda Palmer chimed in on her blog. She notes that Miley is no finger-wearing sex-puppet, but is in charge of her public persona. She knows she is selling sex, that it sells well and the start is writing her own script. There's no man forcing Ms. Miley to gratuitously get naked in her "Wrecking Ball" video. Palmer raises some interesting points about women needing more freedom to express what they want and be respected for their bravery.  She writes to O'Connor:

I want to live in a world where the internal dialogue of a woman’s brain has evolved to the point where a female performer can wear a sex-pot outfit and, instead of the all-too-common head-chatter chorus of “UNFAIR! MANIPULATED! WEAK! MANIPULATIVE! EVIL!”, she dons her sexy costume and hears internal voices screaming “FAIR! POWERFUL! PLAYFUL! BRAVE! SEXY!” You know…you go girl. But not “you go girl and be manipulated by the man, or manipulate the men in your wake”. just…”you go girl and wear whatever the fuck you want. And play smart.”I want to live in a world where WE as women determine what we wear and look like and play the game as our fancy leads us, army pants one minute and killer gown the next, where WE decide whether or not we’re going to play games with the male gaze and the starry-eyed hard-ons that can make men so easy to manipulate. But seriously, let’s all play the game together, with a wink and a nudge…so we don’t hurt each other. If men and women don’t have a constantly open dialogue about how we do and don’t (or should and shouldn’t) manipulate and play with each other, we all lose. We are all fragile humans with little time on this beautiful, sexually-charged, ecstatic planet. Let’s share it to the fullest  extent that we can and make the playing field for all of us the size of the whole earth.

In other words, let’s give our young women the right weapons to fight with as they charge naked into battle, instead of ordering them to get back in the house and put some goddamn clothes on.

Maybe the moral of this Miley bru ha ha, is that if we turn away, she'll stop. Probably not, because the Miley "movement" is growing whether you like it or not. And Ms. Miley is getting paid! Sorry Sinead.

Photo: Mariana Raquel/PNG's e etc... via Flickr/Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)