Hello Flo & Subscription Services Deliver Essentials and Pleasure to Your Doorsteps

Women are usually on the go, which makes any service providing convenience and efficiency a must-have. Enter online subscription services that deliver a variety of products right to your doorstep. There are a number of places to choose from, but VITAMIN W has found two particular subscription services that speak directly to women and two of our biggest, but often disregarded, needs.

First off we have HelloFlo, a menstruation reminder service that delivers the right products at the right time. Founded by entrepreneur Naama Bloom, the unabashedly-titled service allows users to choose a plan tailored to their specific flow. The plans low flo, medium flo and heavy flo all come with their respective amount and size of tampons, pads and pantiliners. Shipping and handling is included in all of the moderately priced, discreetly designed packages, ranging from $14 to $18.

According to the HelloFlo website, a special treat can also be found inside the monthly package "to put a smile on your face." "HelloFlo was born to deliver just what a woman needs when she needs it," reads the website's about section. For those women with a particular penchant for a certain brand, that’s where Le Parcel comes in. It’s a new startup that lets customers choose which brand of feminine hygiene products they’d like to have shipped to them monthly, along with some chocolate, of course.

The other service we're featuring covers another taboo topic: sexual pleasure. Catering to those women seeking tasteful, adventurous and original sexual pleasure, Unbound offers a one-time or quarterly delivery of lustful products. Each box is composed of a secret selection of products from around the world and explores a different theme every 90 days. Grer, Sarah Jayne, and Katie are the masterminds behind this subscription service aimed to create a space for "high quality smut and engaging conversation...the thinking woman's locker room" as Sarah Jayne described on the website. 

Have a great idea for a subscription service catering to women's wants and needs, but it has not been created yet? Test out your brilliant idea with the help of Memberly, a website that helps creative people and businesses run their own subscription services.