The Workplace Then Vs. Now: We've Come a Long Way (Sort Of)!


We've come a long way since 1980. Gender equality in the workplace is the best it’s ever been, but is still largely unequal. New data shows that women are often assigned projects with less responsibility and budgets.

The promising news: According to the Pew Research Center, millennial women are leading the charge.

1. Today’s young women are starting their careers better educated than their male counterparts.
2. Young working women today are also making more money relative to men their age than their mothers and grandmothers did. This is due not only to the rising earnings of women, but also to the falling earnings of men. In 2012, young women earned 93 percent of the average hourly wage of men the same age. 
3. Each new group of young women entering the workforce over the past 30 years has started out at a higher average hourly wage relative to men. However, the more recent groups of young women have also seen their wages fall relative to men during their work lives.

But the list goes on, and check out the infographic from Human Resources MBA

Women in the Workplace

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