Standing up to give a toast or speech is one of the hardest things to do. Public speaking even tops the list of most common fears. But many of us will at some point have to accept an award of some kind - either from a school board or Pulitzer committee.

So many commercials miss the mark, especially when it comes to women. But Ford has released a new ad that puts a woman front and center, and you'll want to hear what she has to say - and see what she drives.

Katherine Collins thinks business should look different. Using the natural world as inspiration, the founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital has put her business principles into visual form. In fact, her beautiful series of cards are meant to be guiding principles for many endeavors.

Portfolia, a site that connects first-time investors with start-ups that deliver products mostly for women, is seeking to change the old-school venture capital boy's club. If you have as little as $1,000, you can now invest it in a company you believe in.
GoDaddy’s sudden change in advertising strategy from boobs to funky bongos had many wondering, what happened? The timely confluence of economics, personal lived experience, and women’s activism – writes Gloria Feldt – is what propelled Blake Irving’s successful change of course.
Entrepreneur Denise Brosseau advises that learning how to lead can help you harness your well-earned expertise and make the maximum impact in your field. Ultimately, it’s about making change and enlisting a community to work along with you.
SheEO founder Vicki Saunders talks about business like a practice — in the way yogis speak of their bodily ministrations or the way actors talk about their craft. Now this serial entrepreneur wants to bring her different way to a wider world. Saunders has launched a campaign on Indiegogo to pre-sell her book and fund the organization, SheEO, to do even more.

Although there have been major shifts in the fashion industry recently with more shops adding larger sizes and models, it is fair to say some women have a difficult time finding fashionable size 16 clothing. But instead of having to seek out a shop with such sizes and styles, what if that shop came to you?

Talk show host, rapper, singer, actress, business owner, and cover girl, Queen Latifah is a force to be reckoned with. That's empowerment, and her fellow CoverGirl spokeswomen - Ellen DeGeneres, P!nk, Sofia Vergara, and others - star in the brand's "Girls Can" campaign.

User-generated content is turning out to be good for the clothing company's sales. Data from the past year has shown that pictures with real customers wearing their products has an big impact on what fellow customers buy.
Wall Street is typically known as a boy's club, but somehow Goldman Sachs has turned out some powerful and ratio-changing women who are making a mark in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and business culture.

Forget granny panties, and get ready to have a bloody good time during that time of the month. Chicago-based design company, Harebrained Inc., has designed some underwear specifically for a woman's period.