The ranks of female directors at big public companies are growing faster in several countries, thanks to legal mandates or extensive voluntary efforts. But while countries such as New Zealand are seen as examples of gender quality, the road to real change is complex.
At the Super Bowl, the ads are as much of a show as the game itself. The 3% Conference and The Representation Project are organizing tweet-up parties across the country to talk ads. It's a chance for the masses to grade the advertising business--and tell them how they're doing.
Entrepreneur and advertising genius Cindy Gallop wants to change the world. She's disrupting the sex business with her groundbreaking website, Make Love Not Porn and now she has some advice for business in general. Here's a female-informed perspective.

Barbie is getting a wardrobe change. How does a scientist who studies comets and planets in our solar system get in the business of selling dolls? She is on a mission and it involves dolls and making it possible to see some change.

How can fashion be feminist? Clothing company founder says by not objectifying or sexualizing women’s bodies, by making women feel positive about themselves, by running a company that treats employees well, and giving back to women in the developing world.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This granted women the right to have a credit card in her own name. Feminists and their allies fought for this new world and it’s a good thing because we love to buy things with our credit cards sooooooo muuuuuuuuch!
Shareholders put pressure on Apple to get more women and minorities on board. And CEO Tim Cook says they are working on it, but when will these U.S. companies learn diversity is good for the bottom line?
Harvard economist Claudia Goldin explores how to fix the wage gap, and she breaks down how things work in law, finance and pharmacy. Guess which one is among the most egalitarian professions where women thrive. The solution isn't government programs or leaning in.
As an exercise in innovation, artist Noah Scalin and employees at a financial institutions made an homage to Maggie Walker. A dynamo you probably never heard of, Walker was the first woman bank president in the US--who also ran a fraternal organization, started a store etc etc.

Millennial women are doing big things these days. Her Agenda's Rhonesha Byng is among the five finalists to join The Camp Campbell Team, which is aimed at mentoring the next generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Vote today!

Say what will critics, Beyonce flaunts her own feminist message on a her song "Flawless." Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is featured on the track that starts with a snippet of the controversial Bow Down, before transitioning into a speech on feminism by the author.