Diversity helps the bottom line in business. We've heard it again and again. Despite that fact, the needle has not been moving that much for women and minorities. Now a bit of study might help. A businessman has just endowed an unprecedented professorship in leadership studies devoted to diversity.

It's every marketers dream--to go viral. This year, two women-led start up companies did precisely that with their videos (aka internet commercials) which racked up nearly 16 million views combined. They're doing something right-- what precisely?

Who wants to stand on a long line anyway and live to tell the tale of surviving a post-holiday sale stampede. There are ways to counter Black Friday. You can wear plaid, buy nothing or consider these other options.

Shouldn’t men “have it all” too? Why should women get all the “all”? The answer is both should get half of the all. Having both partners, of whatever gender share more equally in home and working life might benefit every family. That’s the idea behind “Getting to 50/50” a book by Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober.

Toy company Goldieblox wants to make it into the Superbowl. You can help by voting for them in Intuit's contest. Here's a reminder why you should--they make really fabulous videos. You'll love watching the engineering joy ride.

When it came to marriage equality, San Francisco led the nation. Now it’s racing ahead on gender equality. The city government just introduced The Gender Equality Challenge. It may sound like a sports event or reality TV show, but really it’s a new way to improve the way businesses are run. Who wouldn’t want to win that?

Old Maid isn't exactly the most flattering term for unmarried women. Artist Jane Burns agrees and wantd to give kids a positive image about single women and others. She was only asking for a $5,000 investment from supporters. She got $11,642 and the Bold Maid card decks are now on sale.