Born from a 2-year-old's doodles, Fortune Girl has grown into a multi-media franchise with a teenager and two mothers at the helm. Madison Ruiz, her mother, Barbara Clarke-Ruiz, and family friend Lisa Osinloye are now aiming to launch webisodes starring nine tween characters. If the series takes off, expect even more characters.

Tuesday’s National Conversation on Gender Diversity is a daylong countrywide discussion that will take place from hotel ballrooms to Twitter. The mass town hall meeting of sorts comes just weeks after Twitter was the subject of backlash from the lack of women on their board.

On top of the stolen identities, client meltdowns and reflexive infidelity, one of the most delicious plot lines in the series "Mad Men" is the rise of Peggy Olsen from coffee-fetcher to chief copywriter. This brilliant super cut shows the growth of Peggy in a few minutes.

We took a closer look at the parental leave policies of some of our nation's richest corporations as well as the salaries of their CEOs. The CEO of General Electric took home $25 million, whereas that company offers a stingy two weeks of paid leave.
Karen Strauss Cook was more than a trailblazing trader at Goldman Sachs. After she became a mother and left Goldman Sachs, she went on to found a start-up to help other moms find part-time jobs in finance. She died on Oct. 2 at 61 from progressive supranuclear palsy.

Say what you will, but at 20, Miley Cyrus is a money-making genius. And now she's pissed off Sinead O'Connor who was only trying to give industry veteran advice. Fellow singer Amanda Palmer responds to O'Connor.

Buxom women appealing to male fantasies and turning many viewers off is no longer the company's marketing strategy. Action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme is among the new faces selling the brand and it's pretty funny.

Women can be just as corrupt as the next bribe-taker, says new research. But that's only if corruption is considered okay. However, in countries where dirty-dealing is frowned upon, women tend to obey the rules.

Researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, studied 35 women who were the first female directors and compared them with current board directors at the top publicly traded companies. Tracing their steps may provide insight for pathways to the top.
HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom's relentless optimism and passion was tested earlier this year and she needed the strength to not give up. Thanks to smart marketing with a video trip to Camp Gyno and 6 million-plus views, Bloom got the burst of courage she needed to keep her business growing.