Consumers can reverse the flow of jobs by buying a larger share of American-made products says the "Million Jobs Project." Launched by a Colorado couple, all they ask is you share the video.

Tamara Hill-Norton is bringing her U.K.-based Sweaty Betty to the U.S. The company's self-stated mission is: inspire women to find empowerment through fitness. On top of selling clothes, the stores offer 50 free fitness classes each week.
Corporate crime is a macho world. Despite women's gains in business, they've stayed away from fraudulent activities or usually play minor roles. A researcher studying the issue suggests that women are socialized to take fewer risks and female executives might have more concerns for equity and justice.
Little Pim founder Julia Pimsleur says a business without capital is like a car without gas. It can’t go very far or very fast. After raising $2 million in venture capital for her company, she decided to pay it forward and started a training program to help women entrepreneurs strategize how to raise more money.

Women make up 30 percent of small businesses, but only get 5 percent of the total venture capital funding and institutional debt, co-founders of new crowdfunding platform want to change that. But more than just money---just money!--MoolaHoop intends to help entrepreneurs really build their businesses.

Marni Halasa is not only a performance artist, but a lawyer and journalist who's found a creative outlet to protest income inequality and calling for bank reform. She wears different costumes depending on the injustice, you could find her roller blading or armed with a whip.

Months ago, VITAMIN W covered the new business Hello Flo, that mails you necessities for your period. Now the company has innovated AGAIN with their introductory pack for a girl's first period and a brilliant commercial to introduce the offering.

So many marketing messages miss the mark. Here's a new approach in trying to sell women trucks: this spot stars a woman, her horse and her truck. And it features the character in the sport of barrel racing.

Some companies promise to give a percentage of proceeds or profits to their specific charity. But with all the mumbo-jumbo about proceeds, it's hard to know how much they're giving. Social enterprises need to be up front about what they're doing. Then we're eager to buy.

But what about the shirtless men gyrating around the car? U.K. watchdog group says complaints were received, but no one mentioned males dancing. Is there a double standard when selling sex? Watch and decide for yourself.

Half the population, women are now nearly a third of business owners. The number of women-owned firms continues to rise with more than 8.6 million running their own businesses and the number of women of color owning businesses has grown 156 percent in 16 years.

Production is underway for the "She Started It" documentary that presents successful women entrepreneurs. Of the 300 power players at the Sun Valley conference, only 17 were female, underscoring the need for more women to be visible.

There are plenty of teachable moments and pearls of wisdom when watching the U.K.'s most powerful women reflect on their career decisions and lives. Whether you aspire to be a CEO or the best employee, take notes.

As the perception of women's clubs evolves, power players like Sallie Krawcheck and Sheryl Sandberg prove that supporting women is smart for businesses. One naysayer admits she may have missed out on lucrative career moves throughout the years.