Dove seems to have found the right formula to sell to women: We see your beauty, now buy our bodywash. The Unilever brand continues to push products and self-esteem after its widely popular "Real Beauty Sketches." Watch the new video.

The best-selling book "Lean In" has gotten Americans talking. Not only are people debating the ideas behind the book, but companies and regular folk--both men and women--are taking action. VITAMIN W's infographic tracks the book's impact.

Millennials don't do corporate. New findings show that younger women especially aren't accepting traditional corporate structures with all its stress. Millennial women seem unwilling to make the personal sacrifices they believe are needed to climb the corporate ladder.
Baileys liquor has been announced as the new sponsor of the British-based women's fiction prize, formerly the Orange Prize. This year's winner A.M. Homes received the award, of close to $46,000, for her book "May We Be Forgiven."

Sunglasses company Oakley is no longer throwing shade to women with the release of a women's fitness apparel line. Marketing campaign and snarky videos take jabs at brands like Lululemon.

Zambian-born Dambisa Moyo didn't take Bill Gates' criticism of her book about aid to Africa too well. The former Goldman Sachs consultant responds to the billionaire and makes her case for why she's more than qualified to understand what Africa needs.

For years, the marketplace has offered investment products that are green or ethical, now you can even find portfolios packaged around gender. A new mutual fund that specializes in companies with strong female leadership opened last week.
More women ditch desire for high salaries and long hours, and opt for work-life balance. In India, 94 percent of women are at the top of their game.

Business competitions can be great ways to get capital, exposure, or a chance to pitch investors.   But how can you win one?