There is so much badvertising directed at women. Comedians have mocked it, journalists have mocked it and now even a company itself is making fun at the ridiculous ways other companies try to sell to female consumers.

Getting and MBA is definitely better than getting an old-fashioned MRS. degree. More and more women are getting MBAs now, and those with those the degree letters have a much smaller pay gap than other working women.
A new report shows a decline in female U.S. factory works over the past three decades, despite a hiring increase for their male counterparts. The National Women's Law Center have advocated for equal access to training and employment opportunities.
Having learned a wealth of business savvy since founding her clothing line in 2004, Tony Burch took a moment to pay it forward. Check out the best advice she received when starting out and the two-letter word that has helped her succeed.
It's really important now that we talk about the reality of women in power, especially here in tech, and not keep reinforcing the negative stereotypes.