The United States is nearly alone in not offering paid parental leave. Two Senators have introduced a paid version of FMLA and a few states have taken matters into their own hands and are offering paid leaves to families. It might be time to move.

Grandmother Mary Virginia Jones, or "Mother Mary" as friends know her, is finally free, but her story illustrates the reality that women are now incarcerated at nearly double the rate of men in this country. Yet they receive little attention in criminal justice reform measures.

For the third consecutive election cycle, the number of women in the California state legislature is expected to drop. "While the demographics of the Legislature ebb and flow, groups that train and support female candidates say the trend is troubling because women currently fill just 34 of the state's 120 legislative seats," the Bellingham Herald reports. "For every one woman who was rumored to be running there were typically four men," Rachel Michelin of California Women Lead told the paper. "If you don't have more women running, period, then of course you're going to lose seats."