Looking for a Few, or More, Good Candidates to Run for Office

These days, both parties are looking more good female candidates to run for office. 
Among the biggest seekers of candidates is Close the Gap. Their focus is recruiting progressive California women to run for open seats in the California state legislature. Only 26 percent of seats are now held by women, down from 30 percent a decade ago. (That's down, really.) 
So, why aren't there more women in office?  
"Not enough women run. We intend to change the picture by working with dozens of allies (women's political groups, plus environmental and social justice organizations) to identify and recruit talented progressive women to run," said Laurie Kretchmar, Close the Gap's Communications Director." When progressive women serve in office, they work to close the access to reproductive healthcare gap, the achievement gap and the inequality gap."
Close the Gap has even released a checklist for potential candidates to self-assess whether they should consider a run. It may be for California residents, but no matter where you live, answer the questions and consider a political career.
Hey, former wrestler Jesse Ventura and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger both ran for governor and won. We don't see social entrepreneur, community organizer or volunteer coordinator on their resumes. Come on, you can do it.
Click on image below to see if you've  got what it takes.
Top Photo: Fotolia