Fashion Revolutionaries Wear Clothes #Insideout for a Cause

On this day exactly one year ago, 1,133 people were killed and more than 2,500 injured in Dhaka, Bangladesh when a clothing factory complex collapsed due to unsafe working conditions.

Today, some people are wearing their clothes inside out for the first Fashion Revolution Day, a movement in over 50 countries that is demanding fair treatment for all garment workers. More specifically, Fashion revolutionaries demand that all clothing companies make their product ethically and humanely; they seek to bring attention to the companies we buy from and how they treat their workers.

So why not join the global campaign and wear your shirt inside out? Post your photo on the Fashion Revolution Day Facebook page (for a chance to win a huge prize), and tweet the hashtag #insideout for easy ways to get involved. 

Check out supermodel, actress, and founder of Master & Muse, an online ethical fashion retailer, Amber Valetta’s PSA about sustainable and ethical clothing.

Today and every day, be aware and don't forget: who made your clothes?