Feminism is for Everyone Competition: The Semifinalists

We were so pleased to sponsor the "Feminism is for Everyone" Creative Competition with The 3 Percent Conference and Miss Representation.  The project sought to rebrand feminism--or in other words-- to communicate the movement in a new way. 

We want to thank everyone who took the time to think about feminism and actually sat down and tried to communicate it. We received some very thought-provoking entries and were thrilled to get people talking.

We're happy to present the semifinalists.  In the interest of furthering public debate, we would love to have your feedback.  If you feel inclined, please tell us your reactions in the comment section (they don't appear automatically, but are moderated on the hour). 

Our panel of very clever judges will review these submissions and we'll let you know the winner on October 17th--when we announce it at The 3 Percent Conference in San Francisco.  

Jasmine Baker

I want to play off of the fact that people use Feminism like it's a dirty word. In our culture, Feminism is often associated with negative connotations and stereotypes. Just to show people how ridiculous this is (and looks), I have created a short series of mini "ads" using the word exactly how the majority treats it.

Yael Bezalel 

My concept forwards the idea that Feminism is Freedom that should and can be shared by everybody, particularly because it frees us from past notions about bodies and what we can or may do with them. My presentation is made of stock images I have purchased and customized


Chloe Cotoulas, Andrew Sampson Alexandra Cotoulas

Campaign execution: Poster campaignWebsite,  Animated Video, Social media 

Core insights: People are hesitant to identify as feminists because of stereotypes and negativity that has grown around the label. However, most people who say they are not a feminist believe in feminist values i.e. equality, equal pay, reproductive rights. Feminism is not an individual choice; it is a collaborative effort. Therefore, it does not matter what someone chooses to call him or herself. Concept: Use the negativity around the word “feminist” as a springboard for feminism. Each time someone extricates him or herself by declaring that he or she is not a feminist, they actually implicate him or herself in the greater movement for equality -- feminism. The campaign aims to remove the alienation of being a feminist and create a movement about being united, about being TOGETHER in the crusade for equality. 

Ashley J. George

 My media will most likely be print. I'm not sure about the concept just yet. I do know I want to stay away from boobs, vag, pink and the woman icon as those are completely overused.Ashley J George


Marria Khan

 I'm doing an illustration showing what people think a feminist is like comparing it to what an actual feminist who is very different from the stereotype. In this case it's a aggressive Western white woman and a eastern village schoolgirl. 

Mariam Guessous 

Fact: Most people are feminists but don't admit it. Problems: People associate feminism with negativity and anger. Some people don't understand the true meaning of feminism due to the stereotypes associated with it. Solution: Let's explain and clarify what it means to be a feminist. Tactic: I created a manifesto that not only describes feminism in a very simple way but also challenges the reader to rethink feminism. This manifesto is positive and will leave the reader thinking about it. Media: Posters, Print, Social posts etc. This manifesto can be used anywhere and the tagline and color palette can be carried through if more artwork is created in the future.


Erik Orantes

Feminism: It's not Just for Women. As a straight Latino male, many people believe that feminism does not fit my bio. Many people think I am a typical guy who may lean liberally when it comes to women political issues, but won't go so far as to call myself the ultimate "F" word. But they do not see what I see. They don't see my anger when I witness the uncomfortable and frustrated looks women have when a guy verbally harasses them as they walk down a street. They don't see my ego constantly being challenged through media; making me feel "less of a man" if I don't buy their product that is sexually exploits women on their commercials or (recently) music videos. They don't see my discomfort when my culture promotes this "machismo" philosophy in Hispanic societies, and I should be part of that patriarchal system. Well... Now they will see what I see. Hopefully through a video or photo, I want to show that men do not have to be ashamed of not following the patriarchal trends of society. They can still be men, even if they don't like cat calling women, exploiting sexuality for profit disgusting, and other cultural norms. Men can be feminists. Because feminism is not just for women.


Carroll Rabalais

A simple slogan I drew with pen and paper.  "Feminism is Humanism" meaning that every individual is equal in their right to freedoms and involvement in society.

Molly Stapleton + Christopher Warner

Feminism begins with self-respect. But the thing is, that core value is being lost. We know as feminists that respect is something that should be standard, not earned. And it all begins with the individual. Both female, and male. Our campaign will hang on the idea of self-respect, and ultimately self-love. We plan to use a range of mixed media, including a series of print, digital and OOH to communicate our concept in the ‘traditional’ blend of good old fashioned copywriting and art direction.  


Danielle Thornton

The best way to reclaim the feminist movement and turn it into something meaningful is to focus on the positive. We need to shed light on what is right in the world because it's out there, if you look for it. Let's do this by calling out the good that has resulted from feminism, both large and small. This new outlook will not only redefine what people think feminism is, but will also show people that the face of feminism is much more diverse and and widespread than one might have thought. To express the idea there will  be a logo graphic and a womanpowered manifesto video.