Pop Singer Miley Cyrus has made a video which she dedicates to the "thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in." Called Liberty Walk, its original choreography comes from the street -- protests, videocam shots, and newsclippings.
In Newfoundland and Labrador Kathy Dunderdale is the first female premier and the second woman to be elected in her own right as a provincial premier in Canada. The 59-year-old former social worker says that as more women achieve power, they will inevitably color the political debate. “Life impacts differently on women than it does men,” she said. “And you need to understand that experience when you are developing policies and programs that directly impact the lives of men and women.”

Something different is going on at Occupy Wall Street.  In a reversal of the norm, men are donating almost twice as much as women.  Norm

One of the world's most successful businesswomen back when women didn't do business, Helena Rubinstein established a foundation 60 years ago that will close by end 2011. Rubinstein said, "My fortune comes from women and should benefit them and their children, to better their quality of life." Her foundation funded education, health and community organizations, mostly in New York City. The foundation gave to a variety of women's causes.
Usually fashion status-symbols just tell people you've got bucks. But these $18,000 flip-flops tell people you're a do-gooding-tree hugger with big bucks. Whoever buys these-artist made shoes will be saving 100 square feet of rain forest.
Pinkifying donation appeals may backfire. It turns out that women shown ads dominated by pink and prompted with gender cues were far less likely to make donations, according to researchers.

On top of being Founder of One Hundred Forty, Laura Fitton is Twitter's pioneerwoman (much better that than real ranching), and she is also an avi