Design students at Virginia Commonwealth University created coffee sleeves that feature the faces of a queer-identified person. The sleeves also include an alternate version of the check boxes usually found on commercial coffee cups, but rather than types of coffee they list “Straight,” “Gay,” “Lesbian,” “Bisexual," “Trans,” and “Human” as the options.

Ava DuVernay is fulfilling an appetite for change in cinema. Her organization AFFRM (the African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement and its subsidiary Array Releasing) is hosting a nine-hour "Rebel-a-thon" on Twitter, to talk about blacks in cinema.

In the 80s, we had the war on drugs. The early 2000s heralded "The war on terror". Now 12 years later, it's still going strong without hopes of ending. A new website has created a campaign against Irrational Fear.

Religion and women have a complex relationship. Over the years, many women have risen to the top of the pulpit. But how often do you hear about Mormon feminists, or as some call it, the "MoFem" movement? Like traditional feminism, the conversation is ongoing. StoryCorps interviewed two sisters, and it's pretty interesting.

Sister Megan Rice wears a prison jumpsuit these days. At 83, she's facing 30 years for pulling off one of the biggest security breaches--breaking into a nuclear weapons site. So why is Pope Francis the person/Catholic of the year?
"Gay for a Day" campaign encourages people, in solidarity with LGBTQ people in India, to change their social media photo to them kissing a friend of the same sex. The Facebook page also claims the action is protesting any law that criminalizes homosexuality.

A one-minute and powerful PSA from UN Women takes you inside the verbal, physical and sexual harassment many Egyptian women face just doing everyday things. The first-person perspective of what it's like for a woman doing something so mundane as riding in a taxi.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Rosa DeLauro are concerned about America's family values. Problem is United States is still the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee working mothers paid time off to care for a new child. That's a damn shame. They introduced the FAMILY Act bill on Thursday and see why you need to take action.

In honor of International Human Rights Day, the highly anticipated toolkit, “Know Your Rights: Street Harassment and the Law,” is ready for its debut. The state-by-state guide details laws and how individuals can take action against those cat-calling jerks.

Ever wish you had that supportive parent that would tell you how wonderful you are no matter what. Robin Rice and other moms( and dads) are spreading warm wishes this holiday season to LGBTQ children and adults. You don't have to have the holiday blues.

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, VITAMIN W's Editor Amy-Willard Cross reflects on her volunteer experiences and bonding with a family from Afghanistan. What will you do today to make the world a better place?