A woman in can be fired for comparing her income to that of her male coworker. Is it Illegal or Just Sleazy? You can find out by watching this parody game show. The punch line is that you won't believe the answer.

College is intended to be a place for personal and professional growth, yet for some it’s also a place of violence. To find out how harassment exists on college campuses, Hollaback!, recently collected new data. See what they found.

The writer and director doesn't like the word "feminist" and it bugs him that he doesn't love it more. Don't get too upset. He has no issues with feminists, but the term feminist is "imbalanced." Find out why.

As a part of their upcoming All-New Marvel NOW! initiative, Marvel Comics is relaunching the Ms. Marvel comic with a new character, a teenage Muslim girl of Pakistani descent named Kamala Khan.

Although Hillary Clinton hasn’t committed to running in the 2016 presidential race, she's on the road doing what she does best. Her latest initiative is aimed at ensuring the success of women around the world. But first, she's starting at home.

In honor of the Ms. Foundation’s 40th Anniversary, join MomLife creators Jen and Barb in a conversation with Gloria Steinem on the present and future state of the women’s movement and feminism. Get those video submissions ready and send in by Nov. 4.

Madison Kimrey is no "prop for liberal brutes." The North Carolina-based 12-year-old is taking on the elimination of teenagers' ability to pre-register to vote. See what this self-described new generation of suffragists had to say.

Kudos to a new jewelry ad in India. Yes, it's selling a product, but the groud-breaking move of celebrating the idea of a second marriage and the beauty of a darker woman has many in the country mesmerized.

Often performing in jeans and a shirt, with a cap perched sideways, Paradise is not afraid to break stereotypes. Rapping about women's rights and equality abroad and in her home country, she's determined to succeed.

Saudi women really want to drive. Some people still don't want them to--but then some people do. Artist and activist Hisham Feegh is one very keen supporter who made this amazing video in support.

Women and men just like you are joining the conversation about abortion access and their shared experiences. It's not about politics or religion, but about creating safe spaces to share human and family stories. From October 22 to 29, Washington D.C.-based Advocates for Youth's "1 in 3' Campaign is on mission to get people talking even more.

Motor boating to save "boobies" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month didn't go over so well with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They gave back $2,080. The dudes over at "Simple Pickup" responded by calling out the "haters."

The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education have launched a web campaign with a series of shareable images that target young residents and Latino families–two demographics that tend to lack health insurance.