Emmy-Award winning filmmaker Lisa Russell has teamed up with the Adolescent Girls' Advocacy & Leadership Initiative to create "Let Girls Lead," a documentary telling the powerful story of girl-led change in Guatemala.

Try to love your body today--or why not every day? October 16th marks the Love Your Body Day. Celebrate it however you want with a selfie or other sharing. But you can check out some real progress in the accompanying survey.

The"Feminism is for Everyone" Creative Competition engendered some powerful and thought-provoking submissions. We're pleased to display the 10 semifinalists here. And we're collecting public feedback while the judges deliberate on the final winner. So have your say. has recently announced The Girl Declaration. Organizers consulted 508 girls living in poverty in 14 countries and asked them what world they envision for themselves. The effort is a rallying cry to secure the development of girls worldwide and help end poverty.

Rachal Ginsberg didnt like being told what to wear. So she protested and fought back--by making her T-shirt with her message silkscreened in Hebrew. In certain Jerusalem neighborhoods, women are attacked for not dressing modestly enough.