Part Two of "The Best Banks for Women" shows how these financial institutions treat women employees with various benefits, leaves, and other workplace policies. Check to see how your bank does.

There's a new “man aisle” in a grocery story in one of my old haunts, the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The New York Post reports that the store COO and CEO conceived of the idea after reading a study showing that 31% of men now shop for their families, compared to 14% in the 1980s. Ironically, the man aisle they designed doesn’t suggest that men are productive and useful members of their families. Instead, it reinforces the notion that men are all about leisure.

"When it comes time to buy, women are more often the decision makers and motivators. Recently, women have gained ground in earning, spending, and influence on household spending," notes a new infographic from Among the statistics: U.S. women contribute $7 trillion in consumer and business spending, and 85 percent of purchases and purchase influences are made by women. However, 91 percent of women say they think advertisers do not understand them.