On Sale Now, Photoshop the Miracle Beauty Product: Art Student's Visual Parody


Cosmetic ads show flawless--but unreal--faces. We all know Photoshop is the real secret ingredient in that face cream. It's hard to know what a real face really should look like, so 20- and 30-somethings are using Botox or Restylane. And the over 40 crowd-- can't accept the wrinkles, crow's feet and that neck are here to stay.  Embrace it!

Anna Hill, a 24-year-old art student at East Carolina University, created four images for her final project in an advanced digital photography class showing mock ads for Photoshop.  She was inspired by cosmetics ads that are overly Photoshopped. 

"No one's face can look totally poreless blown up on a 3 foot poster," Hill tells VITAMIN W.  Amen, sister!  "I thought they may as well be advertising Photoshop rather than makeup, so I decided to make a funny parody of ads that market Photoshop as the beauty product instead."

Photoshop has been in the news lately. Verily has banned Photoshop, but other media still has a  long way to go.  Hill hopes the bad press Photoshop gets is the beginning of the end of the fashion,beauty and media industries editing models into completely unrealistic body types.
Hill adds, "If models have to be edited to fit our idea of 'perfect,' then there's no hope for anyone else!"


Images courtesy of Anna Hill.