Cindy Gallop: Gladiator of Business

Cindy Gallop calls herself The Michael Bay of business because she likes to "blow shit up."

But fighting to the death might be a better image. This entrepeneur is the brave founder of Make Love Not Porn, which could be described as user-generated erotic entertainment, or even edu-tainment.  

Photographer Julian Hanford recently shot Gallop as a gladiator. On Twitter, Gallop regularly calls out conferences devoid of women, founders who sexually harass and push out their co-founders and other injustices—and fights back. Hanford made the portrait for a series on innovators in advertising. 

Gallop wrote her own caption, "Old white male-dominated boardrooms, companies, and industries everywhere, I'm coming for you :) "

Help her do so by signing up to watch real world sex videos, which are made by consenting adults for fun. It costs just $5 to view one over a several week period.

Then hashtag it #FDP or Female Domestic Product.


photograph ©  julian hanford