Diagnosis Creepy: Art Exhibit Trivializes Mental Disorders With Topless Photos

By Maggie Freleng


Reading VICE is like being an avid sushi eater.

It's great -- until the one time it is painfully off.

Today's off: VICE praising "one of the hardest working and smartest photographers shooting today," Richard Kern, for his newest show, "Medicated, etc."

The exhibit, paired with a video, features young “cute” girls talking about their serious mental disorders, the pain they feel, and the medication they take for it, while --wait for it-- featuring their topless portraits.


As if the premise of his exhibit is not excruciating enough, VICE adds insult to injury by saying, “He also gave us these fantastic double exposures, which allow you to experience the X-ray vision we all wish we had. We think they rule, but hey, we like cute girls.”

You mean, trivializing and sexualizing serious mental disorders by showing topless women? What is even going on? Is there a point to this?

We think these reader comments are pretty spot-on about the off colored situation at hand.

Photo: Feature, Inc gallery website.