Period Panties Are the 'Bleeder of the Pack'


It’s that time of the month when you switch out your oldest, rattiest pair of underwear to become….dun, dun, dun: period panties.

If you’re like many women, then you know this routine. It’s how we weed out the old and make room for the new. (You know, the treat-yourself bi-monthly trip to Target for 5/$20 underwear.)

But according to a new project on Kickstarter, we shouldn’t have to have a fear and loathing of our underwear moment during that time of the month. Instead, we should celebrate it.

Chicago-based design company, Harebrained Inc., has designed some underwear specifically for that time of the month...and they are actually pretty clever.

Why settle for the old ratty or granny pair that you always wear? Celebrate your womanhood by wearing Period Panties! Sure, it's not necessarily the high point of your month, but with Period Panties, it doesn't have to be the low point. Half the world menstruates, so why not have some fun with it?!

Fun includes letting your roommate know you're the "Bleeder of the Pack"; a.k.a, stay away for x amount of days.

The project has exponentially exceeded its goal on Kickstarter with $197,502 pledged of $10,000 goal. So shame no more! Soon, you will be feeling pretty chic in your “Cunt Dracula” undies.