'Re-Invented' Barbie Teaches Girls to Love STEM Education


“Looking for more substance to Barbie?” Claudia Alexander, Ph.D, a scientist who studies comets and planets in our solar system, asks on her website.

Fortunately, if you are in the market, Alexander provides you with a solution.

As a hobby, Alexander “re-imagines” and sells Barbie in suits, instead of wedding dresses, with geologist tools instead of pregnant bellies.

“Girls use dolls to practice the woman they will become,” she writes.

“I am trying to introduce technical, STEM-education, into the standard 'Barbie' narrative. (Barbie does entirely too much shopping!).”

“Each doll comes with something technical, and/or something that a real user can do on their own," she also writes. "For example, geologist Barbie comes with a geologists magnifying glass, the same sort of tool a geologist uses to study rocks and minerals. Rocket scientist Barbie comes with her own rocket! (A real toy rocket that can be launched - with care!)”

We love this and definitely add it to our favorite makeovers Barbie has received in the past few years (right next to the Presidential Barbie and Bald and Beautiful Barbie).