Special K Wants You to Stop Fat Talking in the Name of Self Love and Profit


Thanks to Special K, we now know "fat talk" is bad for us, and Tyra Banks and others want to help shut it down! According them, 93 percent of women engage in fat talk without even knowing it. Really? Thanks for the info.

In the spirit of marketing based on ambiguous studies that say women are hard on themselves, the cereal brand has launched a campaign to help you stop saying things like, "My ass is so big;" "Honey do I look fat in this dress?;" "My face looks fat in that picture, take that sh*t off Facebook!"  They even created a bizarre pop up shop using fat talk language on tags and sales material.

"We believe that fat talk is a barrier to managing our weight and, when so many women are doing it, we're all further from reaching our goals," the cereal's FightFatTalk.com states.

"I know firsthand how much criticizing your body negatively affects self-esteem, but as a role model, I try to maintain a positive attitude and healthy approach to managing my weight," says Banks in a press statement. "That's why I'm excited to partner with Special K to help empower women to not only feel confident about their bodies, but also to remove those negative thoughts and show them how to employ tips and tricks to make their least liked physical attributes look better."

Again, thank you tall and beautiful lady for relating to the inner struggle.  

This holiday season comes with a long accepted tradition of overindulging on booze, questionable food at potluck office parties and down home cooking courtesy of uncle George. With that in mind, I guess we should eat Special K cereal products, and so what if you broke the zipper on those jeans. Either way, shut down the fat talk and join the conversation, we guess?