Take That! Tumblr Lashes Back at Anti-Feminist Meme

Let's face it, social media can be a mean-spirited world that resembles middle school all over again--but even more horrible. Between trolls and obnoxious comments hidden behind fake pictures, it ain't easy being a human being with common decency.
In Kelly Martin Broderick's case, what began as an anti-feminist fat-shaming meme on Facebook became a movement reaffirming what it means and looks like to be a feminist.
Here's the short story:  The University of Maryland student gets a message on OkCupid that someone has stolen her picture and made it into a meme mocking feminism and a pleasantly thick woman. (VITAMIN W appreciates all sizes!) The culprit, a Facebook page called No Hope for the Human Race.
A stunned Broderick reached out to Facebook and they replied that the post didn't violate any rules. Damn Facebook! Yet, Broderick wouldn't give up and instead she started her own Tumblr, "We Are What Feminists Look Like."
Her point: Feminists are diverse and there's no shame in that. We choose to not show the deplorable post, but click to see at your own risk of being disgusted.
And here's Ms. Broderick and her many allies. Join the visual conversation and submit a photo.

When he is not educating his male colleagues about the virtue of gender equality
Mom and daughters

A cross-dressing feminist
This is what a feminist looks like too.
This is the face of someone who has grown up surrounded by strong women, and thus gained an immense respect for women everywhere. How are people still arguing against feminism like it’s a hateful view on life?
I’m a feminist simply because I’ve been harassed 4 times in the last 24 hours, by men who think they have some sort of right to my body. 
This is what a feminist looks like raising a new generation of feminist. And we look pretty damned awesome in our Italian renaissance garb!