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The rampant sexual assault on campuses around the country has finally attracted the country's attention—and the Federal government's. When it comes to prevention, expanding discussions around consent are clearly the first step.

There can be no advancement for any marginalized group without the active pursuit of justice for all. Here are ten inspiring ways feminists are transforming the world for the better.

There are lots of reasons, and Susanne Gaddis, PhD, Certified Speaking Professional and CEO of The Communications Doctor, a communications training firm, gave us the lowdown.

A new book, "Pretty/Funny," looks at the state of women comedians. No longer sidelined, female comics are becoming mainstream. The author, an academic, notes how comedy in America is changing, thanks to the Internet and a diverse population.

The pink lady, the cosmopolitan, and the lemon drop were all cocktails designed for a lady's palate. Other drinks, like whiskey and scotch, are considered manly—so what will happen now that women are imbibing more of these?

We found some of the most prominent stereotypes of men in film and TV. Some of these are so common, it is hard to think of a male character that isn’t one (or a combination of a few).

It takes months of preparing, testing, applications to get into college. Now acceptances have gone out, how can you choose which college is the best for you? It turns out women might want to ask some different questions.

Is there a country without a pay gap? Well, some countries do better than others--especially if they have laws protecting equal pay. The US is not at the top of the list. Here's a look at some of the

Nobody wants to think about cancer check ups, so in trying to encourage us to do the preventive care necessary to postpone death, cancer PSAs are getting funnier and funnier. This video probably lasts longer than a pap smear, but at least you will be smiling for the whole three minutes.