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Next week, on March 25, the Supreme Court will decide if your boss can remove birth control from your health plan. UltraViolet is calling for action. Watch their funny "Hey, Supreme Court: No Bosses in My Bedroom" video.

Although more African American women, such as Viola Davis and Halle Berry, are slated to star in some upcoming new shows for fall 2014, it's still hard to find diverse characters that are Asian, Latina, and Native American. We love Mindy Kaling, Lucy Liu and Sofia Vergara, but we want more. In the meantime, here are snapshots of what executives are doing right and the women to watch.
Fashion photographer Terry Richardson likes to be called "Uncle Terry," but some prefer to call him a pervert. There's even a petition on calling for magazines and brands to stop employing the 48-year-old. The accusations and headlines have gone as far back as 2010, so why is he still getting work?
Last year, the New York-based comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson released the first episode of "Guys We F**ked, the Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast." Their partners in listening have skyrocketed to more than 200,000 subscribers on SoundCloud, and the numbers just keep growing.
Once again, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has denied Ordain Women's second push to attend an April 5 all-male meeting. The devout Mormon ladies only want to have the chance to get closer to God and enter the priesthood.

Are you manually illiterate? Georgia Pellegrini shows you how to fix it with her creation: a survival kit that any urban dweller might be able to put together. Altoids, safety pins, a candle, ca button compass, and aluminum foil?!

As Bob Dylan originally sang in 1964, “The times they are a-changin’” and indeed, they still are. From same-sex marriage to interracial relationships to raising kids out of wedlock, Americans are becoming less conservative about what happens behind closed doors. But beating women gets an overwhelming "Not Okay!"

Photoshop is like a delete button for images: it lets you fix things and correct mistakes.

Hillary Transue and Lauren Ciavarella are learning to forgive the man who hurt them both. Judge Mark Ciavarella accepted money that was linked to the private detention center where he sent children. Thousands of families were destroyed because of his rulings, including his own. Transue shares her story.

Hollywood is getting another bad grade. Despite the fact that movies with more than one women in them have done very well at the box office this year, the industry is still not doling out a lot of parts to actresses. A new study has done the count - and we've done a graphic.

Fashion designer Carrie Hammer is spreading good karma. For her 29th birthday, she is planning to make 2,900 strangers a bit happier with roses. Kindness is contagious, and even 1-800-Flowers has joined the cause!

Want to see what you might look like as a man? You can get a rough idea using this crazy Facebook app made to underline pay inequality. It's part of a campaign from Sweden--even that seemingly perfect country isn't quite equal.