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To mark Women's History Month, we will be featuring a noteworthy woman for each of the 31 days of March to represent the preceding 31 centuries.

A gay man and a former neo-Nazi skinhead challenge their beliefs and embark on a journey of real change. The Oscar-nominated short film explores their backgrounds and the roots of the ideologies that shape how they handle the reconciliation.

A fundamental maxim of hip-hop is to keep it real, and Angel Haze continues to do that and more.The 20-something is redefining what it means to stay true to your roots, while transcending pain and proving the power of music.

Which dolls are best for your kids? We decided to round up some of the most popular dolls for kids - plus a few others - and rate them.

The answer is yes. A new study looks at more than 300 plot lines, and finds how the depiction of abortion in pop culture shapes some of the myths about women, abortion providers, and the overall outcome.
Writer Erika Turner remembers a childhood of witnessing abuse, but she can't recall a time when dreams of her stepfather invaded her sleep, until now. Scars remind us that it's never too late to heal. We acknowledge the fear, we learn, and then we evolve.
Kayleigh Kulp, author of "Booze for Babes: the Smart Woman's Guide to Drinking Spirits Right," describes five drinks women should get more familiar with. Though the title is tongue-in-cheek, it's actually a serious spirits reference, a must-have manual for every woman who loves good food and the finer things in life but is not yet spirits savvy.
The Academy Awards are more than a week away, and 85 years later, diversity just can't get a starring role. A new study by children’s publisher, LEE & LOW BOOKS, examines racial diversity among Academy Award winners.

February is Women in Horror Month. According to a recent report, women are less likely to work in the action, horror, and sci-fi genres. This may be a no-brainer, considering the poor and stereotypical representations of women in the horror genre.