Watercolors of Congresswomen

The artist used official portraits as her source material.  Although Nemens cites the diversity of these women in power, she says she wants to:
"..bring attention to certain disconcerting characteristics that emerge when taken as a whole: the rainbow of power suits, the big hair, the gaudy jewelry and toothy smiles — and the idea that they collectively are only 17% of  Congress. The scale (small) and medium (a kind of neurotic, if not photorealistic, watercolor) play with the notions of beauty and power: these politicians are necessarily one part peacock, one part Fabergé. It reminds us that there is still a different set of expectations for women in power than the navy suits and red ties of their male counterparts. I think it’s especially pertinent to see the lineup now, as another election season swings into high gear."
The series of watercolors titled The House of Representatives will be on view in  Atlanta at the Billboard Art Project starting this weekend. To see more of the project visit womenofthe112th.tumblr.com