You need to watch this for the pure joy of it. A little girl breakdances her heart out and destroys the competition. The English girl was competing in France over the weekend in a so-called Baby Battle.

When you cozy up on your couch to watch the 85th annual Academy Awards Ceremony this Sunday, you may notice something strange: a (relative) absence of women. Sure, there will be plenty of red-carpet footage of starlets in gowns and who-wore-what chatter, but this year's list of nominees once again reminds us of the marked gender disparities in the film industry.

Did you catch any of the One Billion Rising actions that happened worldwide Thursday to help fight violence against women? After the jump, check out a video of one of the actions -- a Delhi flash mob -- while it was still in the practice phase. Participants, male and female, young and old, gathered in a local park to rehearse their flash mob moves, which they were scheduled to execute at 5pm the day of the global actions.

In a study released last week by the Sundance Institute and Women In Film Los Angeles (WIF LA), we got some pretty lukewarm news about women in the independent film industry. The findings essentially showed that while female indie filmmakers made promising strides during the 2013 awards season, there is still a lot of ground to make up until they’re on equal footing with their male counterparts.